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Tiago '808 Video Part'

Jan 2023 by Route One

Tiago Lemos is almost impossible to write about. Think about it for a second, here's a guy who can switch back tail a ledge taller than your average seven year old, pop and catch his flip tricks with more precision than a Swiss watch maker and look dope AF just pushing in the most banal piece of B-roll. AND everyone knows it!

There is literally nothing we can say to sell Tiago footage to anyone; the dude is skating at god tier level and even your Nan is aware he's got it like that!

But try to sell this part we must (figuratively speaking of course, there's no financial transaction required to sample these goods!) as that is the reason for this here snippet of text. So yeah, there's a brand new part from Tiago to celebrate his new-ish shoe for New Balance. It's really good but you and your Nan knew that already!

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