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Torro! Skateboards Introduce Leo Heinert
Torro! Skateboards Introduce Leo Heinert
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Torro! Skateboards Introduce Leo Heinert

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Heard of Leo Heinert? Nah neither have we. Heard of Torro Skateboards? No? Well, we’ll forgive you for being in the dark because, although they’re the brainchild of legendary New Yorker Rodney Torres, they certainly aren’t on the scale of Zoo York, 5 Boro, Politic or any of the other East Coast brands just yet.

That said, their stock is definitely rising if this Leo Heinert (you’ve heard of him now!) welcome clip is anything to go by.

Leo doesn’t really fit with the mainstream side of skateboarding as he doesn’t seem instantly marketable; his clothes are often the dopest of 90’s gangster threads whilst his approach to skateboarding is, at times, downright hesh. Regardless of his apparent lack of marketability he is a true ripper and an absolute beast, which is what really matters.

His penultimate trick is the gnarliest of gnarl, just watch…

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