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Trevor Thompson Static VI
Trevor Thompson Static VI
Nov 2023 by Route One
Josh Stewart's name will forever be uttered in revered tones, such was his impact on the world of skate cinematography. Mention seminal 2004 release 'Static 2: The Invisibles' to a skater of a certain age and they'll tell you there is no more iconic a video, no more emblematic a soundtrack of their youth. Josh Stewart curated perhaps the most perfect skate masterpiece ever produced and we'll fight anyone who says otherwise!

Foolhardy threats of online violence aside, fast forward 19 years and the latest production in his fabled Static series has recently premiered and we have WKND pro Trevor Thompson's part to share with you.

Still bravely eschewing the more obvious big name choices for the gaze of his trusty DSLR, Josh picks skaters that pique his interest in other ways, producing the kind of magic only the genius posses and the insane lament. Dr Evil paraphrasing aside, this is a stellar return to form from Josh and a career highlight from Trevor. Enjoy.

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