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Ty Beall ‘Brick’
Ty Beall ‘Brick’
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Ty Beall ‘Brick’

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Will Rosenstock’s Bust Crew video ‘Brick’ is seeing various parts released on line and this section from Richmond, VA’s Ty Beall is absolutely  chock full of superb raw East Coast shredding.

Featuring a multitude of spots you think you’d love to hit but know you’d find impossible to skate, Ty carries that great East Coast tradition of burling through the roughest of terrain, turning out some  extraordinarily interesting and creative skateboarding in an environment most would struggle to simply roll.

The full video is available to purchase in the Bust Crew store (just hit up their website for details) and a number of other parts are available online to check out. We’d suggest you definitely give them a go as this is raw street at its rawest and heaven knows we need more of that in this day and age!

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