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Tyler Thomas 'Energy'
Tyler Thomas 'Energy'
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Tyler Thomas 'Energy'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
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Our long time filmer/editor/miserable old sod Alex is kinda stuck in his ways. Having cut his teeth filming with the likes of the legendary Sony TRV in the late 90's before moving on to various incarnations of the VX and then embracing the HD revolution, he's really not down with the apparent step back the current generation's obsession with the VX1000 has taken skateboard film making. Sure, it looked great 18 years ago but times move on and, according to him, the aesthetic is dated in the extreme and not in a good way. We told you he was a miserable old sod!


However, despite the 'goggles in a sauna' condensated nature of the footage, the camera does have one thing in its favour - the 4:3 ratio is perfection as far as skateboard capturing is concerned and simply cannot be bettered. And it's with this in mind that we're such fans of this cracking new clip from Baltimore based HUF rep Tyler Thomas; not only is the down town skating fast, raw and unashamedly street, it combines the beauty of crisp HD with that "oh so perfect" 4:3 fisheye. It looks majestic and that's all there is to it!

Throw in some Baltimore hardcore ('Trapped Under Ice' for those that care) and you have a look and sound that is very much carving its own niche in a world of copycat approaches. For a pastime as subjective as skateboarding you've gotta be stoked crews like this are out there doing it their way. Long may it continue!

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