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Vans Shop Riot 2016 Qualifiers

Jun 2016 by Route One

The 'Vans Shop Riot' returned again for 2016 to give all UK situated skate stores an opportunity to gather themselves together under one roof and have a crack at being in the running for a place in the European final.
2016 saw the shop riot being held at Nottingham's indoor 'Flo Skatepark' which had previously been taken under a new residency since it's unfortunate closer last year, with a new boost of life, 28 super keen shops en route and the venue ready at the helm, the weekend was set to be a good one!

Unfortunately Doug Mclaughlan, who was in the Route One line up, left his much needed medication at home and so was replaced by non other than Craig Smedley "Don't meddle with the Smeddle". Alas Benson, Manhead and Smedley had a good crack at pushing through to the semi finals but narrowly missed it by a few points.

Lots of fun was had, copious amounts of waffles were consumed by Benson and 'The Black sheep store' went on to become 7 times winners of the UK Vans Shop Riot.

Check the event recap below and get yourselves on to 2017 shop riot.

We look forward to next years!

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