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Volcom : Camp Mofokas
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Volcom : Camp Mofokas

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

When you click play on a video that, in the description, says Grant Taylor, David Gonzales, Louie Lopez and Ben Raemers you know it is quite likely you’re about to see some top class shredding. This is the certainly the case with Volcom’s latest webclip ‘Camp Mofokas VOL.1’, filmed exclusively at the Volcom park. You’d perhaps be forgiven for reading those first names and skipping over the fact that Alec Majerus appeared alongside them. Yeah, he had the cover of Sidewalk last month but he’s hardly up there with the likes of Thrasher’s skater of the year, is he? Oh yes he is! Just witness the onslaught of Alec and make no mistake about this lad – he has an absolutely phenomenal level of ability and is one of the most exciting prospects to watch in the world today. The evidence is right here…

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