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VX2011 By Silas Baxter Neal

Feb 2024 by Route One

2008 Thrasher SOTY Silas Baxter Neal will always be one of our favourites. We sat down with him years ago for one of our most interesting interviews, we skated the backstreets of our nation's capital in his company and we watched the ripper from Portland, Oregon grow into the highly respected elder statesman of skateboarding we all know and love today.

Still putting out footage with alarming regularity despite recently turning 40, most often for long term sponsors Habitat and adidas, Silas also regularly contributes to his own personal YouTube channel and it's his latest offering from that that we've thoroughly enjoyed this week.

Ditching the widescreen HD for that classic VX 4:3 ratio, SBN treats us to nearly six whole minutes of raw, unadulterated street action. Storming the spots around his Pacific North West home, SBN makes it his duty to remind us why he's enjoyed a two decade long career. Here's hoping your skater's favourite skater keeps churning out footy like this for many years to come!

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