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Who Does It Belong To?

Jul 2016 by Route One

This is an interesting one and has been causing debates throughout the skate world over the past 48 hours; if somebody lands a trick but saves the photo/footage so nobody really knows about it, do they have exclusive rights to it and, if not, should something as groundbreaking as ollieing the skate-stopped Wilshire fifteen be shown to the world through instagram?

This all stems from a situation detailed in this excellent piece by Jenkem magazine, who do a genuinely good job of keeping the article as non-biased as one could hope. You'll likely form strong opinions of your own as you, like everyone else is sure to believe one person is more in the right than the other.

We don't claim to have the answers to this, truth be told we’re as divided over this as much as you and your friends likely are. We do like the fact a debate has been opened though; as skateboarding continues to embrace the forefront of social media trends things are gonna keep changing and are only going to get more interesting, that's one thing we are sure of!

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