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WKND 'Sir Palmer'
WKND 'Sir Palmer'
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WKND 'Sir Palmer'

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  • By Route One
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Keeping the American dream alive (whilst also visiting Paris and Barcelona) WKND Skateboards fly the flag for the US in a scene more and more dominated by their European brethren. Sure, the "athlete" side of the industry may well be predominantly Pan-American, but the best content and the cleverest brand imagery has long since left the star-spangled shores, so it's rad to see our Yankee cousins still have what it takes to make skateboarding cool and interesting.

The first thing you must note here is that the bigger names don't have a lot of footy; Johan has two tricks and Alexis only three (though her road gap kickflip, after that slam, and switch flip down a Macba-esque three block are both things of savage beauty). This video allows the lesser known heads in the crew the opportunity to shine and they seize it with gusto. Though the first five minutes of the clip contains more than its fair share of trick and spot based highlights, it's the appearance of Florida man-am Andrew Consedine that really kicks the video up a notch. We won't spoil it too much but, safe to say, any part that contains a 15ft long hurricane on a two inch high ledge looking that good deserves lavish praise and then some.

But the video truly belongs to Trevor Thompson, closing the video with a fully legitimate part that really does contain more than the recommended daily allowance of getting rad. And we know how naff that sound but it really is true; few parts these days contain such a positive killer to filler ratio and when you see it for yourself we genuinely believe you'll have our back on the state of the vernacular we chose. The lad gets continuously rad and that's all there is to it!



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