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Zach Wallin 'Camino'
Zach Wallin 'Camino'
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Zach Wallin 'Camino'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Chevrolet's El Camino is as classic a piece of automotive Americana as you are ever likely to find. Originally produced between 1959 and 1960, then re-released in in 1964 (and maintaining production right up until 1987), the iconic coupe pick up is practicality, beauty and luxury all wrapped up into one legendary package. What exactly this has to do with San Jose native and enjoi Skateboards' pro Zach Wallin is anybody's guess!

This is one belter of a part however and, much like its car namesake, it rejects outright totalitarianism in favour of that classical combination of brute force AND beauty. Enjoi may well have a reputation as skateboarding's premiere fun time crew but that has never stopped them getting down to business; Zach's business is powerful skateboarding made sexy and doesn't he show it here...

San Franciscan hills and Catalan classics sit alongside San Jose staples in this near four minute attack to your senses. Impossibly long lines are interspersed by creative thinking and hammers a plenty, all performed with the prowess the Pig Wheels representative has built his career around. Hosted by Thrasher and sure to be one of the stand out clips of this week, this was everything we hoped it would be; we reckon you'll likely be quite fond of it too!

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