Max Palmer 917

Posted by Route One on 11th October 2017

With possibly the greatest nickname in modern day skateboarding (and certainly one we wish we were cool enough to have had bestowed onto us), "Loose Trucks Max" celebrates his stellar showing in the recent 'Call Me 917' full length by releasing a consolidation of his footage via NYC's finest purveyors of skateboard action, Quartersnacks. 

For any of you somehow unclear as to how East Coast ripper Max earned his nickname, look no further than the downtown Philly line at 1.05 where the lad shows both Daewon Song and Matt Rodriguez that there's still room to play with when it comes to shaving down bushings. 

Proving once and for all there's a lot more to skating in the Big Apple than waiting for the latest Supreme drop and wallieing trash cans in Tompkins, 917 really pushed the boat out with the full length. For those of you whose opinions of the city's scene have been soured by recent "cool" and contrived output, let Max Palmer (and the rest of the team) illustrate to you that there's plenty of radness left in this great city yet.