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Thrasher x Spitfire: Thrash And Burn
Thrasher x Spitfire: Thrash And Burn
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Thrasher x Spitfire: Thrash And Burn

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
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There's a poignant sadness about this piece, proving to be, as it is, some of the last footage we'll ever see from the previously assumed interminably rad lens of Preston 'P-Stone' Maigetter. Filmed this summer as the Thrasher boys accompanied the ever amazing Spitfire Wheels crew throughout Europe, the hindsight it affords us presents such a sense of melancholic foreboding that we wish we could reach into the screens and tell the guys to be careful (and appreciate all that they're so innocently enjoying)

Sadly life doesn't work that way and the fateful occurrence of that night in August remains; all we can do now is appreciate the breadth of work P-Stone left us and tip our hat to a man that shared with us the adventures of some of the greatest skaters on the planet.

Somber undercurrent aside, this really is a fantastic skateboarding video. Admittedly, with the likes of Grant, Ishod, Daan, Raven, Gerwer and Evan Smith involved, there was little chance of any other outcome. Never the less, it's our job to build the hype and despite the wistful rambling we opened this write up with, this really is the best of skateboarding road life captured in a bottle.

So, join us in our salute to the big dog and press play on the last of his radness - skateboarding lost a legend last month, let's not let his final summer's work go unappreciated.

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